Friday, March 28, 2008

Trading standards alert concerning Liverpool Liberal Democrat website

I just noticed that the LibDem website in Liverpool is subtitled "Taking Liverpool to the Top". I am not linking to it of course, but you could probably find it if you wanted to.

Surely Trading Standards should be on to them?

They are taking Liverpool to the top in the same way that, very sadly, McLaren took England to the top.

And there is an important poll I see, about Labour's policy on bin collections. I hope you all give that the serious contemplation it clearly deserves! (We made our policy for weekly collections clear in a public vote in March 2007, and have repeated it in our manifesto for 2008, just for the record)


steve faragher said...

you need to get your keyboard fixed surely the website is called "Taking Liverpool to the Tip".or how to squander millions on cultural frippery and leave the old disabled,altzheimic. people who want a swim (in Fazakerley and elsewhere)chinese people, everyone. Just as an aside we are now leaving month three of the Cap of Culture anyone feel inspired or smothered in cultural blanket yet, thought not me neither, role on 2009

steve faragher said...

Taking Liverpool to the Top jsut googled it and all that happened that your blog cam up DOH,

get Mike "the timelord" Storey onto it.

Louise Baldock said...

You need to Google Liverpool Liberal Democrats

I wonder if they have changed it yet? Or it will be still be boldly displayed when you land on it?

Anonymous said...

(scouseboy)the analogy of Steve McLaren is unfair, he was only resposible for a squad of 22 losers, Bradley has a squad of 46, and about 400,000 people are suffering as a result of Fib Dem actions!

Joey from Fazak said...

well at least they have a website more than we can say for the Liverpool Labour Party whose website has been broken for well over 12 months! Then again, I don't suppose there is much demand for pictures of Joe Anderson on the net...he is a repulsive Mr Potatoe-head look-a-like! Funnily enough his brain is mashed also!

Louise Baldock said...

I do agree that we should have a website and one that is not broken, as I am very keen about online media. I hope we can sort out the difficulties over passwords and access and get it back running again. But in the meantime, you always have me Joey.

You and your LibDem friends will still be able to get their Labour "fix".

As to the personal remarks about our Labour leaders, I shall not even dignify them with a response.

It shows the level of political debate we can expect from the LibDems in this city.

steve faragher said...

If the stately Joe Anderson is to be accused of looking like a potato then at least joe from Fazak (I am presuming as a lib dem supporter in an area which seems to have had to bear the brunt of the cuts, (wouldnt want to be someone with special needs, wnat a swim or want help from a youth worker) he is now wearing a bag over his head to avoid having rotting veg thrown at him)should be more detailed about the type of potato Joe Anderson looks like.
To me its probably a toss up between a maris piper or Golden wonder, both blight ressitant versatile and popular with the people.

Ok they make the cuts and the mistakes but least the leader of the lib dems in liverpool looks like a celebrity...not a oh he looks like yeah Phil Cool, doing a great impression of someone running a city...."Bring back Mike "the Toff" Storey, the quciker these lot get back to their day jobs the better for all of us. Long live the Golden Wonder