Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Liver Bird Sang!

From an email I received recently...

On behalf of the writers and cast of A Liver Bird Sang! I want to draw your attention to a new musical show being premièred at The Picket, Jordan Street, Liverpool L1 OBW from Tuesday 1st to Saturday 5th April.

This remarkable new show, written specially for Liverpool 08, is an outstanding example of how the European Capital of Culture concept has inspired Liverpudlians and drawn out exceptionally creative talents which might otherwise have remained totally undiscovered.

A Liver Bird Sang! is a story about modern life and love set in Liverpool’s clubland. It has been written by a very gifted Liverpudlian musician, Geoff Lavelle, and librettist/lyricist extraordinaire John Dixon, a veterinary scientist from Liverpool University. The cast, a mixture of professional and semi-professional singers, actors and musicians, are all from in or around Liverpool. Everyone involved has given their time and their not inconsiderable skills freely because of their enthusiam for and belief in this project. Its European dimension is its music, which is based entirely on the works of Schubert.

Full details of this musical can be found on their website. On the website you can also hear short excerpts from some of the show’s 24 songs. If you have the time, could we recommend Round Liverpool, Back in the City of Liverpool and All in the Mind as they give a very good idea of the scope and variety of the music and the “transmogrification” from the original Schubert. You can access these songs directly

It will be the first time that a musical has ever been staged at The Picket and, if it had not been for the unstinting support and help from Manager Phil Hayes and his team, it might never have got off the ground at all.

Go and see it!

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