Thursday, March 06, 2008

Boaler Street Rehabilitation Unit and Day Centre - LibDems to close

My Nana had alzheimers, it was a horrible disease. Before she went permanently into a home and was living with my Grandad, times were very difficult. She once got out of the house one night and wandered off in her nightie and had to be brought back by the police. She was very confused and once threw a cup of hot tea at my Grandad, she hit him a few times too. Once I remember she turned the cooker knobs on and let the gas fill the room. They were both elderly, it was so hard for him to care for her himself.

Boaler Street Day Centre and Rehab Unit is designed to meet the needs of people like my Grandad and Nana. Sufferers can go to the day centre and be with specialists who can assess them as required and keep them pleasantly occupied while their carers have the chance to go shopping or tidy up at home, or grab some time for themselves. When things are really bad the sufferer can stay in the unit for a little while to give the carer respite - a rest - from the strain of caring.

The unit also provides rehab for elderly people coming out of hospital, who are not quite ready to go home but who dont need to be in hospital, occupying a bed that someone else could be using.

And the LibDems have chosen to close this centre (and a sister centre, Leighton Dene in Norris Green) as part of their cost-cutting exercise to try and balance the books. 80 dedicated and professional staff, friends to the patients and the carers will lose their jobs too.

I don't need to say any more about this do I? My feelings, like yours no doubt, will be abundantly clear.

Labour in Kensington and Fairfield have launched a campaign today to save the centre. If you want to sign our petition, look out for our leaflets coming through your doors this weekend, or email me for a set of petitions you can take round for your friends to sign.

The sheer weight of public pressure stopped them from closing Venmore home in Anfield last year, now we have to show the LibDems on Liverpool City Council that Boaler Street is not up for closure either.


Anonymous said...

louise let me have some petitions for everton ward.

you could emailme them or I WILL GET THEMof you on sat


Anonymous said...

According to the Lib Dems its too bad if you are old, have alzheimers, or need a school crossing patrol. Its also too bad if you need a job and they wish to make you redundant. I am just finishing reading(again) the ragged trousered philanthropist.(Strongly Recommended read)Nothing has changed. The lib dems still keep the working classes down. Bring on next May, and heres to a Labour victory!!

Ste Mc, Walton said...

The sooner we get rid of these clowns running this city the better.