Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Message from the Head of Sports and Recreation Services on Liverpool City Council

As a result of the Budget Saving Options agreed at the recent City Council meeting there are a number of facilities whose budgets have been reduced and as a result we need to review the opening hours at those specific sites to meet the budget available. These include Austin Rawlinson Sports Centre, Park Road Sports Centre & Liverpool Tennis Centre. Facility Managers have assessed usage patterns at those respective sites the new opening hours will take effect from Monday 14th April. School usage and regular user group activities will not be affected by the new proposals.

They have also agreed to close New Hall baths in Fazakerley, only 12 months after refurbishing them.

Contrast this with the new pool opening this month in Picton.

Guess who represents Picton? Yup, Council leader Warren Bradley and former Council leader Mike Storey. (Actually they represent Wavertree ward, what I think I meant to say was that Picton Pool is in their Wavertree ward).


Anonymous said...

(scouseboy)We in the North end have suffered badly already because of Fib Dem policies toward swimming pools. We can only use the new Alsop baths out of school hours, which I accept, because the school partly funded it. However, Everton Park is also now shut during school hours, which leaves no daytime termtime provision in the North end. The nearest baths open during term time daytime is Peter Lloyd. Fine if you have a car like me, but not so fine for people not as mobile as me, and there was a sizable number of people of all ages, including people into their 70's, who used the baths as a social gathering. Most of these people have been denied a good and healthy opportunity to socialise. This is another Fib Dem cut, I raised the issue at the Walton area committee, but only received a fob off letter from the director of leisure services. Disgraceful.!!!

steve Faragher said...

waiting to see publicity photos of Warren Bradley looking sad outside New Hall Baths, cant keep him away from Picton can we

Anonymous said...

C'mon Louise, do your homework. Mike and Warren are not and have have never been Picton Councillors.
btw: It's actually called the Liverpool Aquatics Centre, but people will probably still keep on calling it the "Picton Pool" just like they call the Wavertree Playground the "Mystery".

Louise Baldock said...

No, fair do's, anonymous. They are not Picton councillors, they are Wavertree councillors, but Picton Pool is nonetheless in their ward (at least I think it is, without checking the ward boundary which does run up Wellington Street I am fairly sure).