Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Alt Valley Community Trust

I went to visit the Alt Valley Community Trust today in Croxteth at the invitation of Steve Faragher. Wendy had already been and was raving about them so I was really looking forward to seeing for myself.

I had a look round the Skills Centre in the former St Swithin Church in Croxteth.

It was featured a couple of years ago in the Guardian as it was being put together and it is every bit as good as they hoped, if not better.

There is also more about the other aspects of the Alt Valley Community Trust - like the Communiversity (life-long learning centre) which I also had a little look round and the Communifarm here and here

Steve introduced me to Phil Knibb, Director who has done a terrific job. I was very envious, we could do so much with facilities like these in Kensington, it was real food for thought. I asked Phil how much he thought it would cost to build a community resource like those, in an area like ours, to as good a specification - he said about £1.5million.

Now where can I get my hands on a sum like that?

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