Monday, March 31, 2008

Campaign meeting tonight

We had a city campaign meeting tonight. All looking good, our campaigns are all going well, Labour Promises are surpassing targets already in some wards and we have four weeks to go.

I've been looking for funny stories, I know you love them, but they have been thin on the ground so far.

Let me share a story with you though about a lady in Anfield who submitted a petition in 2005 to the LibDems and who has never heard another word, until remarkably Councillors Quinn, Storey and Bradley turned up on her doorstep yesterday. She asked them if there was an election due and even while she was telling us the tale, Cllr Quinn turned up again.

Do they really think the electorate are stupid? Answer on that postage stamp please!

Anyway, it is all looking very positive in our key seats but some extra people to help with the door-knocking is always welcome.

Some seats have obviously already been abandoned by the LibDems, much as they did in Speke Garston last year (and you know which wards I mean, LibDem readers) and we are pleased to have a free run at them, and some wards are putting up a bit of a fight and some dont even seem to know we are coming for them. It is all going to be very good fun and I cannot wait until the count.

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