Saturday, March 15, 2008

LibDems sinking low

The LibDems in Liverpool are sinking to new lows.

Do you remember my blogging that council leader Warren Bradley had said in the chamber that Rhys Jons from Croxteth would not have been shot dead by gun toting youths in Croxteth if the Labour Government was not spending so much money on the Olympics?

Well Frank Doran, the last remaining LibDem Councillor in Kensington and Fairfield (and not for much longer, God and voters willing) has now put out a leaflet reiterating this point and making the tragic death of this innocent boy into a political football.

I just hope Mr and Mrs Jones don't see it.


John Hacking said...

they are shockers thats the truth. they have no morals at all.

Anonymous said...

Dear me Cllr really is a shame how you only post comments that are mainly favourable to Labour. If you truly believed in democracy, you would have published my previous comments regarding Cllr Bailey's comments on Sky News! Shame on you!!!

Louise Baldock said...

You just dont get it do you?

This is MY blog.

Not a Labour Party blog, not a Council blog, but mine

Thus I dont have to be democratic if I dont want to be. I can be as much a censor as I like

And if I dont like what you say then I wont authorise it.

Stop reading what I write if you dont like it, or are you ADDICTED to me?

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha addicted to you, that's a good you actually own a mirror love? I like to read fiction and have to say this is definitely the best place for it! Terry Pratchett eat you're heart out!!!

Louise Baldock said...

Just keep coming over mate, you push my stats up.

(Bloody LibDems)

Anonymous said...

(scouseboy) I've recently learnt that the Fib Dems have put this leaflet out in Croxteth. How much lower can they stoop? They obviously dont care about the feelings of poor Rhys's parents.
The rest of Liverpool electorate, please bear this one fact in mind when you vote next May!!!

Anonymous said...

The leaflet has not been distributed in Croxteth at all...infact it has only be distributed in a few areas of the city.

Louise Baldock said...

Yes, I thought that might be the case. Frank Doran might think it a good message in Kensington but presumably Cllr Moffatt knows better in Croxteth.

And the LibDems wonder why their support is falling away so sharply?