Saturday, March 15, 2008

Berlin in June

Lisa and I have booked to go away for a few days to Berlin in June to celebrate our 30th anniversary as friends.

We last went to Germany together in 1980 but of course there was a big wall in the way back then so we did not get as far as Berlin.

We would welcome suggestions of interesting and arty things to do and see and also good places to eat.


"alt" DIck said...

Last time I was Berlin I was liberating the place, it was amazing what you could get for a bar of soap and a pair of nylons-I once got a young fraulein to....well we wont go into that, needless to say it gave new meaning to the expression "gotterdamerung",anyhow good luck in Germany. any chance of bringin me some cigars back from duty free, or is your ciggy allowance fully accounted for?
DOnt foget to name drop all your eating exploits as Im sure Balcock watcher needs to be told them all.

Cath said...

Watch Rough Guide to Cities on Five at 7.30 on Thursday where they are looking at the Cabaret and Cuisine of Berlin.
Bon Voyage.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about staying? WE could have a whip round and lay on a bit of a do to celebrate!!!

Louise Baldock said...

I bet your Mammy and Daddy are so proud of you aren't they.

I cannot stay in Berlin, I have too many LibDems to help beat in Liverpool.

The more people like you try to rile me, the more determined you make me to beat you at the ballot box. You add fire to my belly and energy to my tired feet.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I don't need to add any more to that's quite big enough!