Monday, March 31, 2008

Positively Drooping

...that is my house-plants, not me.

I have just looked up from the computer to notice that some severe neglect of my many houseplants has resulted in serious damage.

The plant with no name, that I have never found in a plant book nor in Kew Gardens, nor in Sefton Palm-House which I have been tending for 15 years, is now in a very sorry state. Leaves yellowing and dying through neglect.

A bad case of under-watering I would say, to complement last month's Umbrella Tree disaster which was a bad case of enthusiastic over-watering having noticed same neglect hitherto....It has more or less recovered but will never be the same - and that one has been 18 years in the tending.

The Grape Ivy is most definitely done for - not enough new potting material, 20 years I have had that one and it has more or less died.

So is it the house and its temperature and bio-climate? or is it the cost of being a busy councillor with insufficient time to care for these precious and much-loved residents?

Any green-fingered volunteers with baby bio and time to spare would be very welcome to come round and see to them all.

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