Friday, September 27, 2013

Do you want to limit the number of off-licences and take-aways in Kensington and Fairfield?

Cheap alcohol fuelling anti-social behaviour
The Labour councillors in Kensington and Fairfield have been campaigning for years for action to stop any more off-licences and take-aways opening in our area. 

We already know the problems they cause locally, with noise, anti-social behaviour, street drinkers and begging. So when we found out about the schemes in Lark Lane and on Allerton Road a few years ago to stop them having to have any more bars, we though this was something we would have a look at. 

Unfortunately the wheels of local government can sometimes turn exceedingly slowly and it has taken far longer than it should have despite dozens of meetings and piles of correspondence. 

However, we now finally have some good news.

We have applied for something called a Cumulative Impact Policy which basically says that the impact of the large  numbers of establishments we already have, together have caused problems and that no more should be allowed. 

In order for this to be introduced we have to carry out a consultation of local people and find out what they think. 

Liverpool City Council is proposing to amend its Licensing Policy Statement by including within it a special Cumulative Impact Policy (or CIP) limited to specific streets in the Kensington / Fairfield / Central wards namely:
Boaler Street, Holt Road, Kensington, Molyneux Road and part of Prescot Road (from its junction with Kensington to the railway line forming the eastern boundary of Fairfield Ward)
A copy the consultation questionnaire and supporting information including a plan of the area can be viewed at -

The deadline for receipt of completed questionnaires is 1st day of November 2013.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Promising moves in the creation of a new Post Office in Fairfield

As the Tories continue to put our post offices under threat, with a new privatisation scheme for Royal Mail on the cards, it is good to be able to report that Labour Councillors are making a positive difference.

We continue to work with a local small business on Prescot Road in Fairfield to convert some of their convenience store premises to open a new Post Office counter with staff, to replace the one across the road which closed 18 months ago. We are using legacy funding from the New Deal for Communities to pay for the necessary building works to ensure that this is one community which can enjoy an enhanced service despite Tory efforts.

I just hope we have the opening day event before I retire in May next year, it is one of the major projects that I want to see come to fruition as part of my final work in the city.

The swans are back in Newsham Park

Swans in Newsham Park - Richard Milligan

After the tragedies earlier in the year it is great to see swans back in Newsham Park. Thanks to Richard Milligan for his wonderful photograph.

BIG Lottery Funding – LCVS Training Course

Tuesday 24 September 2013, 10am-4pm - 151 Dale Street, Liverpool, L2 2AH.

‘Big’ and the other lottery funders have a wide range of funding programmes. Which ones are for you? What does the Lottery look for? How much competition is there, and how can you write the best application? Our course will take you through the steps of planning and preparing a lottery application.
With this course you will:  
  • Find out about different lottery funding programmes
  • Learn the language of the lottery and the key words they look for
  • Learn about evidence of need and why outcomes are so important
  • Understand how to bring all this together and write better funding applications
The course is particularly aimed at anyone who has to develop funding applications for over £10,000 and particularly focuses on the Reaching Communities Revenue Programme.
The course is delivered by an LCVS Funding Adviser who has helped many groups secure Reaching Communities funding.
Cost: £70 (non-profit) / £140 (statutory/other). Lunch will be provided.
Use the booking form from our website to book your place

Do you fancy singing in the bandstand in Newsham Park at Christmas?

For the last few years local Fairfield residents have been singing in the bandstand on Newsham Park at Christmas. 

Last years Liz Roberts was responsible for organising the event.   

She is wanting to build on last year's success and wants people who are keen to participate.   She is hosting a meeting at her house 21 Prospect Vale L6 8PE more or less opposite Bandstand.
on Monday the 23rd of September (this coming Monday) at 7.30pm to talk about it. 

If you are interested please contact her by email or by phoning her on 07507335874. 

Older People's Day in Liverpool

Harvest Festival in Kensington and Fairfield

Local councillors have helped fund a food growing project at L'Arche with Healing Space and this special community event will showcase the work.

We heartily recommend anyone in the area popping along to the community centre on Lockerby Road on Friday.