Friday, September 27, 2013

Do you want to limit the number of off-licences and take-aways in Kensington and Fairfield?

Cheap alcohol fuelling anti-social behaviour
The Labour councillors in Kensington and Fairfield have been campaigning for years for action to stop any more off-licences and take-aways opening in our area. 

We already know the problems they cause locally, with noise, anti-social behaviour, street drinkers and begging. So when we found out about the schemes in Lark Lane and on Allerton Road a few years ago to stop them having to have any more bars, we though this was something we would have a look at. 

Unfortunately the wheels of local government can sometimes turn exceedingly slowly and it has taken far longer than it should have despite dozens of meetings and piles of correspondence. 

However, we now finally have some good news.

We have applied for something called a Cumulative Impact Policy which basically says that the impact of the large  numbers of establishments we already have, together have caused problems and that no more should be allowed. 

In order for this to be introduced we have to carry out a consultation of local people and find out what they think. 

Liverpool City Council is proposing to amend its Licensing Policy Statement by including within it a special Cumulative Impact Policy (or CIP) limited to specific streets in the Kensington / Fairfield / Central wards namely:
Boaler Street, Holt Road, Kensington, Molyneux Road and part of Prescot Road (from its junction with Kensington to the railway line forming the eastern boundary of Fairfield Ward)
A copy the consultation questionnaire and supporting information including a plan of the area can be viewed at -

The deadline for receipt of completed questionnaires is 1st day of November 2013.

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