Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bob Marley gets the Royal Assent

I read somewhere last week that Prince Charles and his wife are big Bob Marley fans.

They were in Jamaica I think, on a vist, when they went to an exhibition or a tribute of some sort. (Sorry to be so vague, I am on a friend's PC and I dont know how to launch a second instance of Explorer so I can Google for the detail.)

How disconcerting! I have been a Bob Marley fan since 1977, but I might have to have second thoughts about playing my Babylon by Bus double album now. I thought HRH was into the Three Degrees and was truly "middle of the road" in his music tastes, more Tony Blackburn than Stuart Maconie.

So either he has changed or I am in danger of metamorphosing into an old crusty!

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