Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tories campaigning in Liverpool

Apparently the Conservative's Merseyside Spokesperson and shadow minister for work was in Liverpool last week, campaigning.

He has a nerve!

Mind you he made some very good points about the failure of this LibDem authority to make the most of the money that Capital of Culture has brought into the city. And about the totally botched HMRI scheme on Edge Lane.

However, his comments about what the Tories would do if they held the balance of power in Liverpool after May were frankly laughable. I dont think they poll more than about 200 votes in any seats in the city and in Warbreck they got less than a 2%share of the vote. I dont know why he wastes his time coming over.

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Anonymous said...

(scouseboy)Please let me know the location of the phone box the tories will hold their group meetings in so I can avoid it, and I can safely say the fib dems will need a lot smaller room for their meeings after May!!!