Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rites of Passage

I went to a fantastic photography exhibition this morning, where I was met and shown round by the two artists responsible. Leila Romaya, Photographer and Paul McCann the audio and film artist for the project.

The exhibition is called Rites of Passage and features the lives of older Liverpool residents who are now recalling their younger days. The photos are their most precious ones from throughout their lives.

The nine featured include some L7 people including;

Marion Browne, Edge Hill who has a passion for local history and has spoken to me before about her life and her stories;

One of Marion's photos in her part of the exhibition features a little boy in an old black and white photograph, named Henry Dous, a Belgian. The photo was brought back from the war by Marion's father, who carried it with him in his wallet until the day he died. Marion says her father received a medal for bravery in the second world ward for activity in Belgium and wonders if this little boy is relevant to the tale. She is now trying to trace him, to find out if he is still alive, he would have been born in the 1930s judging by what we know about the dates. It would be a wonderful postscript to the exhibition if she could solve the mystery.

Any genealogists out there, do start digging!

Armando Capaldi, a Liverpool born man of Italian origin who is a retired Café Owner, famous throughout the area for his café which trades under his name on Kensington. I saw some of his photos at a taster event at the Liverpolitalia event last year at the Academy. He used to have a cafe on Wavertree Road years ago.

George Davis, ex-Edge Hill resident of 30 years, now lives in West Derby;

Edwin Chimế originally from Nigeria, who was the Lollipop Man ushering St Anne’s Primary School children across busy Wavertree Road at the Marmaduke Street / Overbury Street crossing for many years.

Christofis Theopanous, Greek Cypriot, had connections with St. Anne’s Primary School, Overbury Street, and retired last week from running a Chippie in L8 for 40 years.

Great people with great stories and great photos.

The exhibition is on the third floor of St George's Hall and is free and is open Tuesday –Sunday 10-5pm until April 18th. You cannot fail to love it.

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