Saturday, March 01, 2008

No news on the Neighbourhood Centre

I was googling for something else and found this Liverpool Daily Post story from February 2007 about the then plans for a new Neighbourhood Centre on the Kensington/Prescot Road junction, on the site of the old ice rink featured in an earlier post this month.

It seems my tenative optimism was after all misplaced.

If you are hungry for news then I can tell you that the delay went on so long that many of the proposed tenants pulled out, while others pulled out because the rents were going to be too high. So now the proposals are for shops with apartments above, and also the firefighters from the station on Low Hill hope to move to a new purpose built station on the site too, which it is hoped will also offer some community space.

But I dont think the plans have been resubmitted yet, leastways they have not come across my desk. So dont be holding your breath.


steve faragher said...

I think the locals have beenhoodwinked into thinking neighbourhood meant community, when it in truth it's jsut describing where it is and not who it is for and who is actually going to benefit. In fact the majority of any financial gain or profit will drifting up the M62 to Manchester to the developers...hmmm does anyone think we need a community multi purpose building in kenington, maybe rehosuing the credit union HEAT, KCLC, (radio Station?) all in one building wiht maybe a small performance space for "First Break". email me if you do, if you dont then jsut keep quiet while we get ripped off again. Remember Milestones sometines become millstones.....

J said...

I suggest that after May 1st, to give Frank something to do, we hand him the tools and get him to build the centre on his own. It will be the first bit of hard work he's done in Kensington for years.