Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Action Weekend

It might be freezing cold, windy and trying to snow, but we have not let it stop us

Leafletting, telephoning, door-knocking, street stalls; we have been busy all weekend in Kensington. And it starts again in about an hour, I just had to time to pop on here before I go back out in my woolies for another session.

Dont tell anyone but we have just nudged over 50% share of the vote in the latest stats - I dont know how much share I got, but it wasnt as much as that, 40% perhaps, and Wendy probably a bit more because the Liberals didnt stand last year.

Obviously you have to get supporters out to vote, just finding them and recording them isn't enough, but it makes me feel good that so many are out there.

We have got well over 1000 names on our Boaler Street Old People's petition too, and it has been going only a week.

I love elections.

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