Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lister Drive Library - no plans to reopen

It was very depressing reading - Annexe B of the LibDem budget lists a whole load of cuts they have to implement to manage the financial crisis they have plunged our city into.

And hidden away in the small print was planned savings over the next three years by not reopening the listed library, endowed by Andrew Carnegie, and serving residents of Tuebrook, Old Swan and Fairfield.

It closed in December 06 following an accident and I have asked repeated questions about when and how it will reopen. The council have said that there are no plans to close it permanently but equally there is no money to repair it.

I think three more years of closure, on top of the 15 months we have already had, spells doom.

The Echo kindly covered the story today here in this piece with the clever headline.

So, what will happen to the building now? Will it be on the Echo's Stop the Rot list in a few years time?

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Anonymous said...

(scouseboy) My understanding is that the "Health and Safety issue" was a gate outside! Just an excuse for closing the facility.
Yet another Lib Dem cut, which will deprive the people of East Liverpool of a vital community service.
They dont care about the people of Liverpool. Throw them out in May!!!