Saturday, March 01, 2008

Another pointless Neighbourhood Committee

I dont know why it is that West Derby and North Liverpool both get really big groups of residents to their Neighbourhood Committees and we get an average of 3.

Yes as many as that.

I hope the explanation is that there are already lots and lots of other ways to be involved in our area - our Your Community Matters event this week saw about 30 or 40 residents, our combined Kensington Regeneration Neighbourhood Assemblies have about 50 residents, there are umpteen TRAs on the go - we have Putting Our Neighbourhood First at Venture Housing, we even had a Police Forum this week.

So are they all well catered for and dont feel the need to add more dates to their diaries?

Or is it just not very exciting? In any case as far as I can see the council never advertises so probably nobody even knows it is happening.

I think perhaps I might have to visit a few meetings in other parts of the city after the election and try and find out what their secret is.

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