Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Objection to LibDem plans to build a pre-fab "shed" on Newsham Park

This is my objection which I have submitted today

Please register this as an official objection to the above referenced planning application.

(I had asked Cllr Berni Turner for a meeting of all interested parties in advance of the deadline for consultation, so that we could resolve the differences between us, but as no date has been forthcoming I feel obliged to object on the basis of the originally submitted plans, to be on the safe side)

My objections to the plans for a temporary pre-fab pavillion on the bowling green are as follows;

1. We (residents and representatives) very much intend one day to restore the bowling green and the siting of this structure on the green will threaten that possibility.

2. The removal of 27 metres( 80 feet) of hedge is completely unacceptable - this is a park, not a car park! We have insufficent trees, plants and hedges as it is, without scrubbing the ones we do have.

3. The design is not particularly attractive or in keeping with a conservation area

4. I believe that if these plans are granted it might jeopardise our planned Heritage Lottery Fund bid

5. The entrance from Prescot Drive to Prescot Road is already quite difficult to exit, as traffic travels past in both directions at quite some speed. I am concerned that it would cause real problems if cars were all trying to leave together from here after a game. I would request that Highways be asked to comment on this part of the plan.

6. I believe strongly that we should be encouraging full use of the park, and that would include sporting activity, and I am not opposed to a changing facility per se, but would suggest that a (more attractively designed) pavillion would be better located elsewhere in the park where there are easier road connections - perhaps near Donkey Hill. I realise this might involve a small walk to the pitches but that is quite normal in other locations and should not present a problem.

I would suggest that the Education directorate who wish to build these facilities should initiate a proper consultation with all relevant parties and stakeholders in an effort to secure a mutually satisfactory plan - I am sure we can all agree on something suitable.

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