Monday, March 31, 2008

Ministerial visit to trumpet community policing in Kensington

We were very pleased to welcome Meg Hillier, Home Office minister to Kensington today.

Before her "official" business, in her own time, she gave up some time to meet available LP candidates across the city and talk to them about local crime and policing issues. She also got on the phones and rang some Fairfield residents to ask about their views about community policing. It was very funny that she rang one lady, quite by chance, who was putting her coat on, on the way to meeting her at a later meeting in her programme. Truly unplanned, one of those special moments where everything comes together.

She then had a meeting with the partners in our highly successful Kensington and Fairfield police and crime initiative - the regular police, the PCSOs, C7 ASB officer, Chris Flood, local residents from the Community Safety Working Group on Kensington Regeneration, and their community staff, and others, to learn from us about how well we all work together, being in touch on a daily basis by phone or email to update each other about ongoing crime prevention, reduction and solutions. The wardens were there in spirit if not in actuality.

She was very impressed with the partnership working arrangements, she said we were leading the way in the whole country and that the Government should take this chance to learn from us about the way we all work together as a partnership.

A great meeting. She was very warm and truly interested in what the residents had to say.

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