Saturday, March 15, 2008

Engaging the You-Tube Generation

The conference was on Thursday in London and I really enjoyed it.

I met some interesting people with a lot to teach me about community interaction online. I was particularly impressed with MCIN who are dong great things with video streams and podcasting and community reporters.

Gary Copitch also said some very positive things about Kensington Vision which gave me a real buzz.

Gemma Tumelty, President of the National Union of Students spoke about some of the downsides of social networking, citing in particular websites that encourage anorexics to stay thin and work hard at not eating, also teachers being abused, intimidated and harassed by sites that encourage students to rate their teachers.

I talked about Blogging, what it is and why it is one of the ways in which I communicate with the local community. I also showed them the blog I made in advance of the conference where I asked you to comment on why you visit me here too.

I have made a couple of coverts to blogging and hope to support them into engaging ith their own local communities in other parts of the country.

I really enjoyed the day, despite the 6.30am train journey

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