Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kensington Vision FM Community Radio Presentation afternoon

I went this afternoon to a celebration of KVFM, Kensington's Community Radio Station which ran for two weeks in November.

Wendy Simon and I were lucky enough to host our own two hour show which you should be able to download here on the 2nd December page in the archives on "my podcast" and we really loved everything about it. Unfortunately pressing work engagements meant she could not be with me today, which was a shame because she would have enjoyed watching the films that Wendy Miller of Kensington Vision had made to promote the project.

Mind you, I never like how I look or sound on film, we are just not used to seeing ourselves on a screen like that.

Everyone who hosted a show received a certificate and a DVD with a series of mini-films showing how the community, the organisations and the schools in the area had made the most of the two week project.

We all had lunch together as we relived the days we spent as a community in McDonalds on Kensington.

If you want to borrow my DVD and watch the different films, let me know, otherwise, there is a short one showcasing some of the presenters, on the KVFM Blog here

Steve Faragher of Kensington Vision and Carl Speares of Likely Alliance, with their colleagues, are promising to do what they can to bring the station back to Kensington again, personally I cannot wait.

The kids and the young people were the real stars though, on the radio, on the films and in the room today. We have so much to be proud of in Kensington.

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