Monday, July 14, 2008

What is poisoning us? A petition to the PM

Please sign this important petition calling for an scientific investigation into the health effects of being exposed to the products of combustion.

A large number of people who have been poisoned by CO - and lived - have had matching resultant illnesses and diseases that we must assume are connected. However medics cannot currently link these to CO therefore it seems that either the science around CO has yet to catch up or these illnesses and diseases must be connected to other toxins and chemicals that are produced by the combustion process.

I have met people with all sorts of central nervous damage who are known to have been poisoned by CO. People with paralysis, people who have had several strokes despite being very young. There is clearly a link but the research needs to be done to establish that.

Please sign up, thanks very much

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Paul said...

Good post - I'll pass it on in best way I know, when I've worked it out what way that is.

The other big public health 'exposure' issue that'll be coming up over next few months is whether or not to stick fluride in NW water - strategci Health Authority are kicking off the consultation soonish I understand. As a Labour party in NW I feel we need to be at foreforn of this consultation process, raising awareness of it and promoting engagement. after all, I can't think of a more important topic than what's is our water. see my post on it at