Sunday, July 06, 2008

A very busy Friday night

After work, Liam and I had our photo taken with all the children who had worked on our Kenny superlambanana and with Barbara Galt of METAL who designed and supervised the project. They have done such a good job and all the kids were really excited. Thanks to Christina from LCC for setting up the photo shoot.

Then, with Caroline we did a surgery at the Fairfield centre - we have revamped all our surgeries, you will need to check the Liverpool City Council website for the new list. I couldn't get to the page tonight, it was crashing but if you follow that link and then go to "Councillors and then to my own record, you will see them all. We have added some extra dates and locations now that there are three of us.

Then I rushed over to town to catch the end of the Progress/Compass conference on the future direction of the Labour Party, unfortunately I was only in time for questions so I missed the views of the four speakers. But it was good to see such a big crowd.

Then I rushed again, over to the BT Convention Centre, part of the new Arena development, just in time to see the Liverpool City Council staff "oscar" awards. I was invited for dinner, but declined because of the surgery. I thought the important part was to see the staff receive their awards so I sat in at the back through the awards and then left again after the last one. There were awards for the Environment team who have boosted recycling rates, the community midwives, the crisis team, various teams working with vulnerable families, and several others. Jean Evans from the Town Hall got a well-deserved special award from the Chief Executive for organising the National Holocaust events. Alas I dont have a full list of award winners but I expect they are on the council website too. Well done everyone, winners and those short-listed, I like to see people get the credit when they have done a particularly good job.

Then I went back into town for a quick drink with the remnants of the conference attendees, it was after 11 by the time I finally got home!

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