Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Good sized meeting room in Liverpool

I need to organise a meeting room in the city centre, ideally free, but certainly quite cheap, for the NSPCC.

Can you think of anywhere?

What would you suggest?


Anonymous said...

how about west everton community council everton brow only 5 mins from town


Louise Baldock said...

Just to add to this, for anyone who intends to use this blog entry for their own searches.

I have also been recommended to try the Friends Meeting House (Quakers) next to the Blue Coat Arts Centre

And the KIND offices (Kids in need and distress) in Back Canning Street

Thanks to Tim Moore and Jim Noakes for that

JP said...

What about Age Concern in Sir Thomas Street?
Don't know how much they charge if anything?

scouseboy said...

why not try the TGWU by Brunswick dock?
Would not the NSPCC hargreaves centre in Great Homer Street be able to find a room?

Louise Baldock said...

Am also adding this message which came by email, for completeness. And thanks to the reader who sent it to me

Re NSPCC – they have their own place near the City Centre - http://www.nspcc.org.uk/whatwedo/mediacentre/HargreavesCentre_wda46811.html

it has its own meeting rooms in there & parking will be easier. Will they not let you use that?

She is quite right to raise the question, I can only assume that the different branches dont all know each other very well.

Louise Baldock said...

- and thanks to my mate Scouseboy for the same suggestion!

Louise Baldock said...

For those who are using this blog entry as a resource, can I also add Venture Housing on Boaler Street, Kensington and the L'Arche community on Lockerby Road, Fairfield to the pot - a mile outside of the city centre but good quality fairly priced community provision (I think L'Arche is only £20 per hour!)

Jacqui Evans said...

Louise, Comtechsa who are based at 60 Duke Street, Liverpool have meeting space for hire at reasonable rates. You can ring them on 0151 707 4300 and request details.