Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mama Mia!

Stephen T and I had a great night out on Saturday night.

It began with Mama Mia at the cinema on Edge Lane then a drink in Schmooze on Church Road, a meal in La Bassola on Allerton Road and a final drink in the Penny Lane wine bar.

What a fab film, we were singing, cheering, dancing in our seats, if not actually in the aisles, eating sweeties and simply enjoying ourselves.

Who would ever have imagined that Meryl Streep could sing, or Julie Walters could imitate a disco dancer, or that Pierce Brosnan could stop being a stuffed-shirt?

And the rest of the night went well too, lovely food and an ambient atmosphere.

Thanks for a good night out my friend!


scouseboy said...

I plan a full day this Saturday, first of all the tall ships, and then Mama Mia. Thanks for the review!!!!

Louise Baldock said...

Let me know what you thought - about both. I am taking Mum and Roger to the Klimt exhibition at the Liverpool Tate on Saturday afternoon and I know they will be delighted to learn about the Tall Ships being on the Mersey and will want to see them too. My mum loves ships!

Alfie said...

I went with my Mum last night, it was FAB :0)

I particularly liked the end when they were all wearing the 70s all in ones.......Colin Firth was brilliant.

scouseboy said...

I visited the tall ships, but never went to see Mama Mia though.
I thought the logistical organisation for the tall ships was supurb. Merseytravel laid on 18 shuttle buses an hour between the two sites. I thought wellington dock was more organsed and structured than albert dock.
The council deserve praise for the stewarding. People were complaining about the parade of sail taking place on Monday. I think this is down to tidal conditions more than anything else- I am sure the organisers would have preferred Sunday. I am dissapointed that I won't be able to make the parade of sail, and see these beautiful ships with their sails unfurled.
Only one downside- I spoke to a friend who owns a sightseeing tour. He told me none of the tour companies could operate this weekend due to the road closures. He said it would have only needed some PCSO's to staff the barricades and let the tour buses through. I agree with him, on a weekend when we had a million extra people in our city due to tall ships and the open golf,it was, in my opinion, an opportunity lost to showcase the city further.