Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cath and Steve's visit

I tell you what, this Capital of Culture year is certainly bringing the visitors to Liverpool, and Klimt must be one of the biggest draws. Steve had not been to Liverpool for many years so I showed him as much of the city the top cultural attractions as we could manage in a fairly short time.

The three of us visited the Walker Gallery, St George's Hall, took lunch in the world museum, Albert Dock (where they visited the Klimt exhibition which I am saving for next week when Mum and Roger come back), and we looked at some more superlambananas. There is a particularly good one in the basement in St George's Hall, which Steve has since sent me his photo of, but I have saved it on to the other laptop so will have to upload that another time.

On the second day Steve was at his son's graduation at the Phil so Cath and I went about our business. She checked her emails on the internet in Kensington Library while Liam and I had the first of our new surgeries there - two people turned up which was pretty good for a first time. Then we had a drive over to Newsham Park to see the superlambanana there and give Rosie a run out. Then she came with me to meet the City Talk reporter before we had lunch in China town. Then in the afternoon she came with me the Palm House in Sefton Park where I am currently organising a big dinner for work to celebrate 50 years in business. Unfortunately there was a sign on the gate saying no dogs, and we had Rosie with us, so she had to walk round Sefton Park for an hour while I spoke to the caterers. Back in the car, waiting for me to finish, she picked up the news at the top of the hour and caught a bit of my interview, which must have been a bit surreal, to say the least.

I do love showing off Liverpool and helping to dispel the negative images and we had a good couple of days. They also shared some very good news with me but I dont know if I am allowed to share it, so will keep mum for now.

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