Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mural for Kensington or Fairfield?

Wendy and I have spent a few hours this evening with Peter from the Liverpool Mural Project, driving up and down the streets of Kensington and Fairfield looking for potential mural sites - gable ends of houses mainly.

We have a list of about ten possibles, after tonight, so we have to put our artwork proposals together (with the help of local community folk and artists) and then approach the homeowners/landlords of the various buildings we have identified in the hope that one (or more) of them say yes.

We want our mural to be a representation of the history and development of Kensington and/or Fairfield, depending on where we end up having it, and hope it will feature images such as perhaps the much-loved ice rink, Wild Bill Hicock (who brought his wild west show to Kensington in the 1800s), maybe a reference to the zoo at Botanic Park - and in particular the elephant - maybe a reference to the studio where the Beatles recorded their first track (on Kensington), perhaps something about Newsham Park, about Dr Solomon and his cordial balm of Gilead.

Frankly with an area with as much history as ours, the sky is the limit!

But we will want local people to work with us and decide on those images. Stand by your bed for the call. (Is that a mixed metaphor?)

We are really excited.

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scouseboy said...

Not quite on the same subject, but related. Spent the weekend in Newcastle, our main rival for capital of culture. The people up there were great, very friendly, but on balance, we have the better buildings, and a lot more cultural history.