Sunday, July 13, 2008

Full council - July 2008

A full agenda and lots to debate and I simply cannot do it all justice

There were discussions about the need for a new Skills Agenda in Liverpool and Merseyside to help the long-term unemployed back into work; a debate about ways of tackling obesity in children; snooping by council staff into politicians phone records; and a few other debates. All very worthy but you cannot help wondering what they will achieve.

The main points for me were my joy upon hearing the maiden speeches of Councillor Tim Moore (my mentee) and Jim Noakes. Both very eloquent and well delivered. I imagine the administration LibDem benches are beginning to tremble at the difference between our successful new representatives and their stale ones.

The speeches from members of the public that started the meeting were all very powerful - including powerful testimony as to why we should never park in a bus-stop, and the closure of Crocky Comp and the shoddy experience of some visiting artists

My Shadow, Caroline, was given permission to sit next to me and I spent a lot of the meeting whispering to her about the whys and the wherefores of the proceedings.

I am still not sure that I explained fully the need for Evertonian Season Ticket Holders to declare their personal interests in the debate about the possible moving of the stadium to Kirby!


Paul said...

Would be interested in Labour's position in liverpool on the Mereside pension fund debate. I'm looking to take stuff forward round my way but ore pro-actively than the relative passivity of the LibDem motion

Louise Baldock said...

We had a joint motion, agreed by all parties, to call upon the scheme to support an ethical policy in its investments.

It reads as follows


Council believes that a democratic organisation should reflect the ethos of its members.

Council therefore requests the Merseyside Pension Fund Management Committee to ballot its beneficiaries to determine whether or not they would wish to see the Fund's Statement of Investment Principles amended to include an ethical dimension.

Council further requests the Leader of the Council to inform the other 4 Merseyside Council Leaders of this Council's position and request them to write in similar vein to the Merseyside Pension Fund Management Committee.

Paul said...

Oh thanks Louise - thought it came from Lib Dems but must have got wires crossed what with living in the sticks nowadays.

For info, my motion to my local branch in Lancashire reads something like:

That this branch notes the action taken by the Labour party in Liverpool, in cross-party co-operation, in respect of the potential for adding an ethical dimension to the Statement of Investment Principles of the Merseyside Pension Fund.

Further, that the branch notes the potential for the development within local government pension funds of ethical investment principles which 'screen out' unethical investments (e.g arms trading) but also create positive screening mechanisms with a view to investment in companies which have a strong set of ethical principles and/or proof of ethically sound actiions.

Finally, that this branch calls on the West Lancashire CLP and the west Lancaahire Grou of Councillors to promote as best they see fit the development of ethical investment principles by the Lancashire Pension fund Committee.

Or something..........

Louise Baldock said...

I think it did come initially from a LibDem, but then all parties agreed to accept it so it went on the agenda as a cross-party motion. So I dont think it would be fair for you to call it a Labour Party motion.

You could say it was a decision "taken by Liverpool City Council with cross-party support?"