Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kensington Fun Day

Liam and I went along on Saturday after a leafletting session to lend our support to the Kensington Fun Day

Wendy is on holiday, the lucky woman! I bet she has better weather than us, although it did not actually rain while we walked round the show

Everyone who was anyone was out on the Police Club field and we enjoyed seeing old friends and new.

The police had several stalls, as did Kensington Regeneration, various Resident Groups, performers, singers, dancers, artists and Housing Associations and Environmental Groups.

Plus the launch of a new group in Fairfield designed to promote community cohesion and promotion - CREDHEDZ

A lovely day out, Liam particularly enjoyed talking to the lady from the Rice Lane City Animal Farm - and I particularly enjoyed the chilli and rice from the hot food stand.

We ran into Siddi who was updating us on his plans for a December tour of Ghana for his young footballers. And lots of our TRA secretaries, chairs, treasurers and active members, parents, governors, vicars et al


scouseboy said...

I live near the city farm, and was on the management committee of the association for a while.
Try to encourage your community groups to visit this excellent facility with the young people of your area during the school holidays.

Louise Baldock said...

I will definitely do that. Do you want to draft a couple of paragraphs about it and I will put them as a blog entry in their own right? I can also send those paragraphs to our community group secretaries for whom I maintain a database.
Thanks mate

scouseboy said...

The city farm is open every day during the school holdays. It is a working farm, there are sheep, cattle, ducks chickens and a horse.
There is a junior and senior kids activity clubs, as well as various school holiday activities. Community groups are very welcome, contact Maria on 0151 530 1066 for further details.
Buses 20/21, 62, 68 and 92 all go up rice lane, alight at Rawcliffe rd, the farm is a five minute walk up rawcliffe rd, however it is probably easier to get the northern line train to walton on the ormskirk line where it is a two minute walk to the farm