Sunday, July 06, 2008

Field of Women

Wendy and I met other Labour women councillors and Maria Eagle MP today at Liverpool Cricket Club to take part in the creation of a giant woman called LUCY, created by thousands of us, dressed in pink rain ponchos, standing together to form her shape.

This was a fundraising event for breast cancer organised by the Linda McCartney centre.

Sadly it rained a lot, and the rain ponchos were very necessary and I suspect we didn't manage anything like the desired 10,000 women (and a few men) on the field, the weather would have seriously put many off from coming, but the spirit was very good, and the sunshine in between the rain was very warm.

And Ricky Tomlinson made a very short but really rather good speech too. He said nobody should thank him for coming to support the event, it was an event for Liverpool women and Liverpool health and in fact in his view, all the "faces" should have been there. He got a big cheer for that.

Young Daniel took a lot of pics which I hope he will share with me so I will post a few up later.

I hope they raised a really huge sum of money, I am sure it will be in the papers tomorrow.


anne said...

Hi nice to see some local politicians supported the event.I was there as a member of Pool of Life the uk's first breast cancer survivor Dragon boat team based in Liverpool.I am sure next years event will be bigger.Please look at our web site and mention us if you can
best regards Anne Holt (survivor)

Louise Baldock said...

Thanks Anne. I came and looked in your tent and was very impressed by all the hard (and I really mean hard) work that survivors have undertaken to become dragon boat racers


Alfie said...

You go girls! Fab photo :0)