Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Christmas Party in Liverpool

I am helping to organise a Christmas Party for our firm in Liverpool. There are about 30 of us. What would you suggest? Where did you go last year? Was it any good?
Where should we avoid?


scouseboy said...

Congratulations Louise, you have set a new record for introducing the C word,the kids havn't even finished their summer term yet, most people have not even had their summer holidays yet either!!!
Seriously though, try the Russian restaurant (St. petersburgh) in York St, or the greek restaurant underneath it.

Paula Keaveney said...

nooooooooo - far to early!!!

Louise Baldock said...

You are absolutely right, it is a travesty to bring this subject up so early.

However, conversely, they are all sold out so quickly that if you have not booked by the end of July you wont get anywhere.

Labour Group is already booked in and the deposit paid for our C-word event.

It is a fact of life I am afraid.

But I promise not to send any Christmas cards until about the 20th of December, as per usual. (A last minute sort of woman, me)