Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Deep fat frier causes fire in FIRE STATION!

A little bird, who is in a position to know the factual detail of this story, told me the other day that a certain fire station in Liverpool had recently to respond to a fire in its own kitchen!

They had a deep fat frier, they turned it on, went on a shout, and then got back to find it on fire. Apparently the cut-off switch failed.

When the junior fire-fighter went upstairs to make the tea for the returning crew, he saw the fire and shouted to his colleagues that the kitchen was on fire.

Of course they didn't believe a word of it to begin with.

It just goes to show that deep fat is a menace, whether it is a pan or an electrial frier.

Let's all campaign for the superiority of the grill and the oven, who needs a deep fat frier?

(But it did REALLY tickle me as a story!)

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Cath said...

You couldn't make it up could you?