Sunday, July 13, 2008

FARA - Fairfield Area Residents Association

It was my turn to attend FARA this quarter, as it clashed with Labour Group meeting which Wendy chaired and Liam also needed to be at to understand how his first real full council would work.

There were a couple of interesting items; apparently an unofficial club has opened on Prescot Road and the residents were complaining about the noise and problems spilling on to the street. It was unclear whether this was a club targetted at young people or at adults and the police were concerned as to whether the workers had been CRB checked if it were the former. And if they had a licence and planning permission etc. I have promised to take this up.

Also we identified some addresses that might be operating as brothels and crack houses. And this in just a handful of streets in Fairfield, where these things are quite unusual ordinarily. Thankfully the police were there to take away all the details.

Also I am nearly sure I heard someone say there is a superlambanana on Birchfield Park, which was new to me, so I shall pop down and have a look this week. That will be one that is not on the trail perhaps, as I dont recall seeing it on the list.

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Old "Let's clean up Sheil Road and get those poor girls under cover "Dick said...

Which ones are the brothels then? (research purposes only)I'll send Marek around there and see if they do home deliveries like me kebab shop does.