Sunday, July 13, 2008

Liverpool Mutual Homes

Liam and I met our area's Housing Officers from Liverpool Mutual Homes on Monday. We write to them regularly - practically everyday in fact - since they took over our area on April 1st but we had not met before so we went to the big office on Commutation Plaza to sit down with them.

Just opposite their office is their own really fantastic superlambanana - a construction worker in t-shirt and jeans, with a tool belt and boots and the hint of a builder's bum. Really entertaining, I know at least one child who likes it best of all the ones he has seen - and that would be over 60 of them.

We had a very good meeting and I was really pleased that they knew all the key residents, the people who work hard to keep their estate looking good and working well. They also knew the problem addresses and the ASB cases and the drug problem areas, without us having to prompt them. And they already have plans in place to address some of these difficulties.

It was the kind of meeting you hope you will have, but don't ever truly anticipate.

The partnership between residents, councillors, agencies and partners is going from strength to strength.

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