Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Love Music - Hate Racism - advanced notice of where I will be on my birthday

- please note if you wanted to join me!

(Who would not want to spend their birthday with Phil at the Picket?)

Love Music Hate Racism Big Summer Party
1-11pm The Picket, Jordan Street, L1

Merseyside Love Music Hate Racism in association with the NWTUC are organising an anti racism festival involving an extensive programme of events featuring many local bands and performers at The Picket, Liverpool on Sunday 31st August 2008.

We hope that this event will bring together people of all ages from across the city, and reflect the rich diversity of the people and cultures of our great city.

As I am sure you are aware the British National Party recently won a seat on the Greater London Authority, they sadly even increased the number of councillors in the local elections. Locally we saw them standing in new wards, coming second in two wards and third in seven. We must all act now and make sure this does not happen again. We must all unite and continue to fight this evil.

We hope that this festival will spread a positive and uplifting message; we intend to take and spread the good will of over 100,000 supporters who attended the LMHR Carnival in London in April this year and bring it to The Capital of Culture.

(And lots of money is required to support this so buy a ticket or send some money, show a bit of willing)

STOP PRESS: Organiser tells me the event is free, from 1pm - 11pm, how great is that!

Current line up is

Dinner Ladies
Flamingo 50
Curtis Watt
Wizards of Twiddly

Sense of Sound if TV show has finished by then

DJs Bernie Connor + Rockers II Rockers Sound System

- drumming and graffiti workshops

So you don't need to request tickets, just let me know if you will be joining me

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Anonymous said...

Former Toryboy, now New Labour (there's a difference?) James Purnell,attacks the poorest and weakest in society. National Audit Office figures 2006, estimated benefit fraud 0.6% of total of benefit expenditure,£0.8 billion. Funds estimated lost through tax evasion and fraud between £10 and £40 billion. The party of Atlee and Bevan. I could weep.