Sunday, July 13, 2008

The end of the Cluster Partnerships...

...marked with more of a whimper than a shout!

There were a lot of empty places at the dinner in the Holiday Inn on Lime Street on Friday night. Our table joined up with the neighbouring table to make a whole, and as a result had more fun and giggles and some fun-poking and generally a much better time than probably anyone else at the dinner.

At our table was Karen Harris from LCVS, Alan Rogers from LHT, Elizabeth Hartley from City and North NMS, Jean Harrison from the Beatles Estate TRA, folks from the Eldonians, Anfield and Speke. Great dinner companions.

It was a good reason for an event, the end of one way of working and the beginning of the next, but it seemed that the participants had already moved on and were now well into their new ways of working because they didn't feel the need to come and celebrate their own demise.

There were clearly good reasons to be thankful, some really good projects came out of the Cluster Partnerships, several in Kensington for instance. But overall it felt very much to me like a stepping stone from what had gone before and what is still go come.

I rarely accept dinner invitations, but those that celebrate our officers are always important in my eyes, they get few enough plaudits

Well done everyone, onwards and upwards!

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