Sunday, July 13, 2008

Regulation 33 - in the Town Hall

There is a little known regulation in Local Government which talks about the responsibility of all councillors to be the corporate parents of all Looked After Children

Which in essence means that along with my 89 colleagues, I am the parent of around 820 children in care in Liverpool.

Some of the care of those children depends on a regime of inspection which should be undertaken by councillors amongst others.

I went to a short seminar on Wednesday to learn a bit more about what that entails, and have now signed up to a regular inspection regime to visit children's homes and talk to the children and to the staff and to look round the homes to ensure that all is as it should be and that the children are happy.

I was particularly interested to learn that several of these homes are actually in my ward which makes me (and Liam and Wendy) all the more determined to visit and play our part in ensuring that our children are doing well and are happy!

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