Sunday, July 06, 2008

Doctor Who - Journey's End

I am so soppy!

I was crying tonight, watching Doctor Who (I caught it on "On Demand TV" tonight, because I was at Katie's wedding last night if you recall).

Wasn't it marvellous, if not extremely complicated in parts. I wont call it far-fetched, because that is entirely the point. But I couldn't help thinking with some of the final action in the Dalek HQ that Russell T Davies had got fed-up and was rushing to draw his writing experience and his final episode to an end.

But I loved all the pathos at the end!

Best line of the show has to go to Captain Jack who upon learning that there were now three Doctors said "What a picture that makes" (or words to that effect) with such a wolfish grin. Naughty man!

Still all's right with the world that Russell T Davies created and Rose has finally got her man - although I did think she could have been a tad more grateful!

Poor old Donna has gone back to being an air-head who was once for a moment the most important woman in all creation and is now back to being a temp in Chiswick. A rather sorry ending for her I think, who had become such a powerful and thoughtful character, because she doesn't now know the first thing about any of the massive events that have affected the earth for the last couple of earth years. People will be talking about space ships and daleks and the earth being moved in the heavens and she will not know what they are talking about, so they will probably think she is mad or in terrible denial and lock her up. And she will never know, or care probably, that she was magnificent and is now extremely trivial.

I do hope Russell did not do that on purpose.

A marvellous series though, and I was right about the regeneration thingy, I just knew the world was not yet ready to get rid of David Tennant.

Poor fella, I hope he finds a new assistant soon!


Mark Rabinowitz said...

Nice little write up. I was sobbing a bit, myself. I have to say, I have mixed feelings re: Rose and The Doctor. I don't care if the Doctor #2 does have 1 heart and can grow old, he's NOT the same. That said, I suppose he's enough of the same for Rose to be happy with him, but as usual, I am left feeling endlessly sorry for the Doctor. I certainly do hope they bring Alex Kingston in next year (even though they aren't doing a proper season). I get the feeling she was very important to him, maybe even more so than Rose or Sarah Jane.

Diana Sholl said...

It was so sad I cried for about 24hrs. I think she would have preferred to be dead than reverting back to that horrible shallow excuse of a human being. I loved Donna, best of the lot. It was too sad, too sad (stamping my feet). Maybe she will come back? Perhaps the Doctor will hear she has started to remember and is burning up and by then he has found a cure? Or for Miss Noble is it always going to be Donna Who?

Anonymous said...

And you didn't give it away this time! Well done!!

Louise Baldock said...

Donna Who

Very clever and thoughtful Diana

And Mark - remind me who Alex Kingston is

Thanks for the comments, I am glad I am not the only big girl's blouse watching Doctor Who! Tears a plenty....

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