Friday, July 17, 2009

Vigil for Michael Shields

Over 200 people turned up for the vigil on Saturday for Michael Shields at the Anglican Cathedral. The Lord Mayor read out Michael’s favourite psalm – one that was given to him to read in prison by Bishop James Jones who is a big supporter of his campaign. Then Joe Anderson made a speech about the need for Jack Straw to change his mind after reviewing the evidence and statements again, particularly the report from the Merseyside Police and then Gerry Marsden got up and sang You’ll Never Walk Alone. How impressive is that!!! And then we all lit a candle while listening to Billy Joel singing “I am an Innocent Man” but that was on the CD rather than live, shame, a missed opportunity methinks! Jack Straw must be Public Enemy Number 1 in Liverpool I reckon for being so blinkered and keeping that innocent lad in prison, it is a real miscarriage of justice.

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