Friday, July 31, 2009

Kensington's reputation as a crime hotspot

The fightback starts here!

I have just read a story in the Echo here which talks about a Kensington man setting up a drug farm in his flat on October Drive.

But October Drive is not in Kensington, it must be either Anfield or Tuebrook, I am not sure where the border is but it most certainly aint in Kenny.

No wonder people think lots of crime happens in Kensington when it gets misquoted, and this is by no means the first time I have seen this either. So I have decided that from now on I will always contact the Echo and ask them to correct stories like this, I have just got off the phone to Claire at the Echo and I hope this story gets put right!


Anonymous said...

The Echo haven't got a clue about local geography! I've seen Breck Road (by the Iceland) as Tuebrook, parts of Broadway in Clubmoor called Norris Green and Knotty Ash as Old Swan in the past.

Most of their hacks seem to live in town and think that's it!

Steve W said...

october drive is tuebrook, very lazy

it is normally norris green and clubmoor they mix up at will

the fact that the coucil signposts places very badly does not help

i.e church, nobody ever in the history of liverpool has ever said they live in church. yet there is a ward called church?

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

October Drive is probably somewhere in Oldham.

Anonymous said...

I saw the October Drive story. Ridiculous. No map would even hint at it being Kensington.

scouseboy said...

I know the roads off priory road are named after months, which would place it in Tuebrook.
The other road mentioned, Grey road is in the ward where I live- Warbreck.
The police even raided a house in my road (not mine!!!) about six weeks ago and found a cannabis farm.
I dont think you will find any mention of this in the social indicators of our ward profile....

scouseboy said...

I meant lower breck rd, not priory road, sorry for the mistake

Louise Baldock said...

Good news - it got changed to Liverpool man, in Tuebrook