Friday, July 17, 2009

Nearly a very big upset!

I spent several very wet hours in St Helens yesterday, helping out in the Moss Bank byelection. Had we won the seat from the LibDems it would have returned St Helens to a Labour council. Sadly we were close but not close enough.
Scores on the doors were LibDem 1480, Labour 1011, Ind 71, Green, 73, Tory 111
Last time this seat was fought the LibDems had a majority of over 1100, so it was a good advance, the Libdems lost about 20% of their vote. Perhaps the Labour candidate will take heart from this advance and put some more work in between now and May and who knows what might happen next time?
I must say though, for a byelection with such a potentially important outcome, I would have thought a bit more publicity might have been in order. Can you imagine the headlines of "Labour wins back control of council"? Such a shame, if only we had had another week to find more promises, we could have done it.

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scouseboy said...

This event had no publicity whatsoever. The first I heard of this important byelection was one inch of news in the Daily Post this morning detailing the result.