Friday, July 17, 2009

Little red purse

My stolen purse has finally turned up. It was stolen by a junkie who came into our Labour Party office and found my handbag unattended. I can say that with confidence because we saw him in the office and recognised him – although did not actually see him commit the act, so the CPS wouldn’t take it forward. Anyway, a guy phoned me last week to say he had been pruning in the window bottom of a house in Whitland Road and found my purse under the hedge. The money was gone (and my worthless Grand National betting slip, that being the day it was stolen) but the credit cards, library card, driving licence, kidney donor card, photo of Michael etc were still all inside. This was great news for two reasons, firstly because some of those things were irreplaceable, and secondly because it means nobody has been trying to steal my identity.


Susan Watson said...

That's really good news. I am particularly pleased you got the photos back.

scouseboy said...

I am glad your story had a happy ending. It is not the loss of money that matters, but the loss of your personal possessions in your handbag are irreplacable, and something you quite simply could not put a monetary value on.
As a side issue, I am glad you got your cards back and therefore nobody stole your identity.