Monday, July 27, 2009

Questions posed to the Leader of Liverpool City Council, 8th July 2009 - Q23

Given their public facing role, can the Leader say how many of the officers engaged in One Stop Shops have undertaken the "Managing Equalities" training? What is this in
percentage terms?

179 out of 206 people (87%) have attended equality and diversity training.

Verbal supplementary question
“Managing Equalities” is a particular course mandatory for all managers, can he confirm that all the managers in this service are included within the number of 179 people who have undertaken more general E&D training and that they have undertaken this particular training? And what steps is he taking to ensure that the remaining 27will be receiving more general E&D training, given that it too is mandatory.

Verbal answer

The leader said that he did not have the particular details available and would get back to me, but that he would ensure the training happened.

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