Friday, July 17, 2009

LCVS Faith network event

LCVS Faith Network had an event in the Anglican cathedral last week, congratulations to everyone for the wonderful organisation and planning. I spent a couple of hours there talking to all the various stall holders. It was interesting how Kensington and Fairfield was at the heart of so many of them. L’Arche for instance, who had a stall selling candles and cards, and whose residents performed a short play based on a psalm about feeding and supporting those in need, have several homes in our area. The Muslim stall was featuring a film about the first ever Mosque built in the United Kingdom, at Brougham Terrace, Kensington. Plans are currently underway to turn it into a heritage centre. The Hindu Association had a stall, their temple is of course on Edge Lane and I was there in two weeks ago for a BME social event. Nugent Care had a stall, they too are based on Edge Lane, and they carry out much supportive work in the community, I am going to see them soon to get the full sp. There were also stalls from the Jewish Archive, Merseyside Christians Against Poverty (or some such, MARCAP, I think they were called), the Boys Brigade, a group of young women who go into schools to talk about body image and eating disorders (very interesting, we might get them into St Francis of Assisi Academy) and SIGMA, the Police’s Hate Crime people. All very good and positive, I really enjoyed it and came home with a bread roll from the Methodist Church who bake bread and pray together above the News from Nowhere bookshop on Bold Street each week. If you want to know more about any of these organisations, then please let me know.

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