Thursday, July 02, 2009

Judging the year 7 gardening competion at St Francis of Assisi Academy, Fairfield

As the granddaughter and greatgranddaughter of Corporation gardeners (in Coventry) as well as the great niece of a third Coventry council gardener plus also a Wolverhampton Council gardener (count them!!!), I was delighted to be asked to judge the year 7 gardening competition at St Francis of Assisi Academy in Fairfield.

Each class (7 in all) has its own garden, about the size of an average family garden, in which they have been growing fruit, vegetables, herbs, a few flowers and encouraging wild-life. There were 7 prizes in all and by happy chance each class won one of the prizes.

After judging the gardens in the morning, along with a professor from a University in Hull, the Principle and Vice Principle of the Academy and three of the staff, I then had a school dinner with the students. A roast chicken dinner, very nice!

In the afternoon, in an Oscars style awards presentation assembly, I gave out the certificates for all the winning gardens. They really have done a great job, I understand this was the fourth year and the gardens clearly go from strength to strength each year.

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