Monday, July 27, 2009

Questions posed to the Leader of Liverpool City Council, 8th July 2009 - Q31


The current BME workforce population within LCC is 6.7% and falling (April 2009
Workforce Monitoring Report). The BME population within Liverpool itself is 8.1% and
rising. Given the abolition of the Positive Action Team in last year's budget round, can the Leader say what steps are LCC taking to address the under-representation of BME officers?

LDL HR and the recruitment agencies, who between them deal with all adverts for
permanent posts, all seek by their choice of media to encourage applications from under represented groups (e.g. advertise in Diverse Magazine, send job vacancies to People Pool who distribute to local community groups)

Procurement requirements for managed services contract for agencies workers (which
LCC is currently renewing this contract) requires bidding agencies to outline how their methods will lead to an increase in recruitment levels under-represented groups. The authority’s planning for apprenticeships will actively seek to place care leavers, for whom the council acts as the corporate parent, into jobs within the council or partner agencies.

Verbal supplementary question

My understanding is that the council’s standard practices for recruitment are that jobs are advertised in the Echo and that only those for grades SO1 and below are shared with local community groups via Property Pool. Posts for SO2, Principle officers and above are not shared with community groups. Furthermore any advertising in any specialist magazines or newspapers are carried out only at the behest of the vacancy holder.

Would the leader agree with me that if we are serious about attracting more BME staff then we need to be very much more directive in our recruitment practises, making it clear to LDL HR and others that we expect them to do considerably better.

Furthermore, would he agree with me, that we should not be allowing them their choice of advertising media, but instructing them to advertise in national newspapers like the Voice for instance when seeking to fill posts in departments and at grades that are under represented.

Verbal answer

Cllr Twigger would consider all such items and report back in due course

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