Monday, July 27, 2009

Questions posed to the Leader of Liverpool City Council, 8th July 2009 - Q25

Given their public facing role, can the Leader say how many of the officers engaged in Liverpool Direct have undertaken the "Managing Equalities" training? What is this in percentage terms?

Not all LDL staff are customer facing (e.g. the majority of staff in ICT, Payroll, Benefits etc). However 428 out of 1070 (40%) have attended equalities and diversity training. 100% of LDL Management team (Heads of Service and CEO) have attended ‘Managing Equalities’ training. In addition 3 other managers have also attended this training.

Verbal supplementary
I am pleased that this service at least has recognised the need for managers to take the compulsory Managing Equalities Training. However, given that some element of E&D training is mandatory for all staff, whether they are public facing or not, because they need also to relate to their colleagues. Would the Leader agree with me that it is deeply disappointing that 60% of these staff have yet to receive any such training. What steps is he taking to ensure that they will receive this training?

Verbal response
The leader said that he had already answered lots of questions from me on E&D and would prefer it if we could refer them all to a review he was setting up with Cllr Twigger. There is no right of reply to a verbal response but as I had another question to ask straight afterwards, I was able to respond by saying that I intended to continue to ask my supplementary questions as they appeared on the order papers.

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