Friday, July 17, 2009

Equality briefing from the NWEO

Claire Wilner and I were at an interesting briefing from the NWEO last week on the new Equality Act. LCC are really going to have their work cut out to keep on top of this, they are not even fulfilling their obligations under the existing legislation so how they are going to get to grips with the new duties and the new strands I cannot imagine. I was very impressed with the tutor, Bernie, one of the best I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen hundreds and hundreds. I dont know what she has, but it should be bottled and sent to everyone who ever gives presentations! We met in the Crowne Plaza and our room had a view to the rear, I have never seen that side of the dock before, it looked beautiful, with the office blocks, other hotels and the canal basin. Very smart.

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