Thursday, July 02, 2009

Celebrating Liverpool's Sirolli Projects

I went to a celebration of the 3 Sirolli projects in Liverpool on June 18th in Liverpool Town Hall.

The Sirolli Institute was set up by Dr Ernesto Sirolli to facilitate enterprise - to support new and existing businesses to overcome hurdles.

In Liverpool the three projects are Dream High (of which I have been a panel member for several years), Waves and Enable.

We were celebrating our 3rd birthday and our successes and highlighting some of the businesses who have benefitted from our support.

With contributions from Warren Bradley and Gary Millar from LCC, amongst others, we learnt that 1300 businesses have been supported by the three projects, creating 1900 new jobs and supporting a further 2200 in pre-existing businesses.

I started attending as a councillor, because I can make the links between residents who want to get going in business and business people who can support them, but also in the last couple of years, I attend as a local business woman myself, who works for a firm of business advisors and for other local firms.

In an area of high unemployment, when good jobs are hard to come by, it can only help if talented individuals set themselves up in business and maybe later hire other local people too

Kensington and Fairfield businesses that we celebrated include Leah Eaton from Le Spa nail salon on Kensington and the Sign Shop on Prescot Road, Siddi Majubah's Inflatable Clown, Nick Taylor at e-blueprint who loves Dream High so much that he became the Chair, and many others.

Congratulations to Nick, to Claire Chang the facilitator, to Phil Linley from Liverpool Vision, former Chair, and to all the panel members and businesses involved in Dream High.

"We believe in you 100% and we will help you achieve your passion"

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